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Kids Cup TKD Challenge on 3.31.12 @CSUN
Master Adam Page demonstrates the usage of Adidas Electronic Body Protector on Fastest Kicks Competition which will be featured on his upcoming tournament on March 31. Excellent example of Adidas EBP in action, not only in competition but also as a training device. [Master Page's invitation to the Kids Cup TKD Challenge below.] Hello fellow Grand Masters, Masters, and Instructors, I would like to personally invite you to our Inaugural Kids Cup TaeKwonDo Challenge, being held at the beautiful Cal State Northridge Matadome on March
adidas Cup 2007, Germany
The adidas EBP Cup, hosted by DAX Sports and adidas AG on October 17th, was attended by 342 athletes from 18 nations. See the adidas EBP in action! Revolutionize Taekwondo! Bring Back Trembling Shock!
adidas Electronic Body Protector (EBP) 아...
This is a footage from official EBP demonstration held at Adi Dassler Brand Center in Germany. See the adidas EBP in real action! Bring Back Trembling Shock!
Macho Tony Chung UFO Video
Heavy duty kicking shield specially designed for various hitting drills. Great tool for instructors!
Video Clip: 49th All Japan Kendo Champi...
This is a highlight from video created by \"MOOTO\". The 49th All Japan Kendo Championship was held on November 3rd, 2001. The red corner, Mr. Hidenori Iwasa (31, 6th degree black belt), is representing Tokyo and white corner, Mr. Takashi Sakamoto (23, 4th degree black belt), is representing Shizuoka.
Video Clip: 2001 World Cup TKD, Vietnam
Highlight from World Cup series produced by "MOOTO".
Video Clip: I Can Do NUNCHAKU
Highlight from a 3 set video produced by "MOOTO".
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